Performance of Place

Dance artists whose work focuses on relationships to ‘place’ were invited to present performances for/from/at/in/with the forest sites of Corhanwarrabul.

Welcome to Country


Djirri Djirri

Kiera Hunter, Hailey George and Mandy Nicholson

Wominjeka Ngarrga (Welcome Dance), Biik Ngarrga (Country Dance) and Buln Buln Ngarrga (Lyrebird Dance). Thanks to Lynette George.

If Only They Could Talk

Choreographer: Gülsen Özer. Dancers: Abi Li Zhen, Caroline Ellis, Viv Rogis

Lucky are we that walk this place high up.
We go below, to the creeks our teacher. 
Our backbones bend, Learning the seasons. 
Garlands of purple violets and kangaroo apple blossoms.


Dani-Ela Kayler

A movement study of the gestures of plants responding to wind.


Gretel Taylor

The spirit of an early settler lingers uneasily, aware that the process of colonisation continues to impinge upon the present.

Guided Walk

Environmental Performance Authority (EPA)

The EPA guided audience members between performances, facilitating sensory experiences along the way.

The White Picnic

Environmental Performance Authority (EPA)

The Environmental Performance Authority’s role was as audience guides to both the place and the site-based performances, culminating in ‘Welcome to the Countryside’, a white-washed colonial picnic. Over scones and jam and cream, participants reflected upon how the afternoon’s experiences had influenced their impressions of Corhanwarrabul. Some of these responses were recorded as part of an engagement study for RidgeWalk.