10. Mt Corhanwarrabul

Lie on your back on the grass and feel your weight sink into the mountain beneath you. Looking up, notice the similarity of the shape of the branches of the trees above you to the bronchioles of your lungs. Breathe with the trees. Share any thoughts that come to you about your relationship with this place.

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3 Replies to “10. Mt Corhanwarrabul”

  1. My relationship to this place is ever deepening. So nice to visit in all weather conditions and notice the seasonal changes. This circle is pretty special for me now after joining in Djirri Djirri’s workshop last week. Even the TV towers recede as I imagine this place as ancient ceremonial gathering ground.


  2. I have been to this track a few times over the past months and sense of kinship has grown out of these visits. This particular spot feels significant, a place of coming together, a place of perhaps ceremonial meeting / connection between nature and culture. Breathing with the magnificent trees only intensified this growing sense of belonging to and importance of this place.


  3. I did lie on my back in the clearing at Mt Corhanwarrabul and observed the wild frolicking leaves at the periphery of the branches which were themselves much more sturdy and stable. I felt grateful for the mountain for taking my weight and felt my torso relax merging with the earth beneath it. Also reached my limbs up to sway with the branches! I did just a small portion of this walk by myself today. Brief but really good to reflect on my relationship to the world around me at this stage of the year.

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