2. Gradient

Observe your breath and muscles as you walk up the hill. Try taking a few steps backwards (slowly and carefully). Notice the difference in your muscles and posture. 

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5 Replies to “2. Gradient”

  1. Heath (4.5) says he notices lots of black and green and flowers and trees and more energy

  2. Stuart Grant says:

    feeling of resistance…. breath shortening… gradient increases suddenly half way up

  3. Stuart Grant says:


  4. Enjoyed engaging muscles in legs and feet to navigate the slope and rocks – awakening proprioception! Saw wildflowers before that on the path

  5. Enjoyed the sensations of my breath deepening and my muscles working as i walked uphill, and the narrowing of attention that seemed to follow. As i turned and walked backwards up the slope my feet and ankles seemed to grow little minds of their own sensing and navigating the rocky slope with far more ease that i anticipated; i experienced my attention widening again as a result to take in more of the surroundings. Such a simple and interesting exercise.

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