3. Forest for the Trees

What tree are you drawn to in this area? Go and touch that tree, feel its bark, notice its shape and colours up close. Write or record some words to describe your tree.

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3 Replies to “3. Forest for the Trees”

  1. Noticed how trees can be reasonable shelter! Just walked through hail for a couple of hundred metres. Now my tree is keeping me slightly less wet.
    There’s a bull ant crawling up my tree Рseeking shelter too?

  2. Its hailing and raining interchangably. Im hiding behind to soft light brown back or what i think is a large yellow box. Its got 3 off low shoots and a large restful eye that seems to watch the path and the downhill slope. Light green moss grows on it and it seems like a friendly giant that is here to offer its green back to omfort cold travellers.

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